Our mission

Our mission is to organize and innovate the management of the network's physical infrastructure.

Our story

    CWTech is a technology company that has a team with extensive experience in technology development in the IT area.

    In recent years we have focused on  in creating solutions that automate and bring intelligence to cabling management, transforming a fully reactive management into a predictive and proactive management.

  Our biggest concern is increasingly finding is to contemplate existing systems, which are already operating, and future technologies that will impact the physical infrastructure of the network.

    Our mission is to Incorporate. our platform, emerging technologies. Bringing more efficiency with simplicity for effective control of the physical layer of the network.

    With today's complexity of IT networks, it is impossible to continue to view cabling as a manual job, traditionally managed by spreadsheets and unreliable documentation.

   Our platform makes it possible to have organized environments,  documented, with a high level of management and integration between the management solutions of the logical layers of the network. Creating the integration between logical and physical layer management of the network.

    The CWLan Innsaei platform leads companies to this integration and an effective reduction in operating costs.  Ensuring infrastructure continuity and performance  within existing standards.

    We don't just deliver software that stores cabling information, we deliver the ultimate cabling management and control tool.

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