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Streamlines keeping the database up-to-date - Automatic updating of records of movements and occupation of connection links.

    Every move, addition or change that happens in the  cabling is detected and logged by CWLan Innsaei.  Ensuring that the database is always up to date and  available  for those responsible for maintenance and operation.       If you want full control of cabling operations and movements and a reliable database to support your operation, carry out projections and ensure greater efficiency for your team, CWLan Innsaei is the solution.

Scheduled notifications  and detection of  nonconformities  - Programming "JOB'S" to audit and verify the Link's connection.

  The CWLan Innsaei  allows detecting changes or  non-conformities that are happening on your network. Notifications are forwarded  to your team with the physical location of the incident. you and your team too  can program the action of these nonconformities  such as: blocking access, sending communication to the responsible technician and others. Extending network security policy to the physical layer.

Guaranteed continuity and reduced operating costs - "Discovery and Verification of IP'S Device Ports".

    If you and your team will have access, from anywhere, to up-to-date and reliable information such as: Where the IP'S devices are located, What are the points to be checked in case of maintenance and the history of interventions for these elements. Corrective action will be more effective and faster  contributing to the reduction of intervention time and  consequently,  reducing operating costs and ensuring improved performance indices established..

Improve the efficiency of your O&M team - "Task Control and Connection Simulation"

    With CWLan Innsaei's movement tracking feature, the team quickly pinpoints the location of a connection. Not to mention that this  information can be accessed by cell phone, tablet or a station with internet access,  dramatically improving cabling efficiency and intervention time.

Information in your hands.

CWLan Innsaei combines simplicity of use with the creativity of powerful algorithms for analyzing and capturing information. The Result is information in the palm of your hands. A platform in constant innovation, for you and your team to always know:

  • Where IP devices and cabling elements are located.

  • What is the connection path.

  • What is the real availability of the infrastructure.

  • How the elements, passive and active, are connected.

  • What are the possible points of verification or intervention in an occurrence.

  • In addition to auditing and recording logs, in real time, of all movements that take place in the structure.