Intelligence  in Cabling Management

Cwlan Innsaei developed to organize and bring intelligence to the cabling operation.

Let CWLan Innsaei lead  cabling management to another level.

We believe that only with accurate information and full control of processes can we raise cabling management to another level of management.

Streamlines and streamlines all  network interventions 

CWLan Innsaei increases your team's performance and assertiveness. With a simple tablet or smartphone, your team can carry out consultations, launch new activities, search for connection paths and obtain a "check list" of possible checkpoints for a call. Decreasing intervention time and improving the quality of operation and maintenance of the cabling.

Versatility, simplicity and efficiency

CWLan Innsaei combines simplicity of use with the creativity of powerful algorithms for analyzing and capturing information. The result is trusted information in the palm of your hands and a platform for constant innovation.

detection of  interventions and physical location.

By scheduling CWLan Innsaei's Tasks feature, you can track  quickly any operation that is taking place, identify the physical location, issue a pre-programmed command and send notifications to the person in charge. This is to take management to another level.

Full control of what happens on the cabling

CWLan Innsaei keeps the database always up to date, in addition to ensuring traceability of all cabling operations and  in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Speed of interventions. Flawless Reliability.

    No matter how difficult and complicated the location you need to go, the familiar GPS system of your car or cell phone will get you to your destination. It shows all the streets, avenues, obstructions, intersections and turns you will have to pass before arriving.

    On the other hand, you still walk through your cabling structure by intuition and acquired experience. By trial and error, asking and seeking the knowledge of third parties and even using outdated information you can get there, but at what cost?

    CWLan Innsaei informs its team of all necessary steps in a maintenance or intervention. The time that the technician wastes in trying to discover the checkpoints and possible intervention will already be available in his hands. 

What can your company save


Control boards for the occupation of connection points, patch panel ports, switches and sockets.

Estação_Fundopreto_com tela Switches.png

Control of switch ports and with data and connection illustration.

Abertura v2 mesclada 2048X1152.png

On the notebook, smartphone and tablet, the information in the palm of the  your hand.

notebook frontal com estatistica.png

Statistical data on cabling moves, additions and changes.


Schedule of audit routines,  custom capture and update.


The time of technical assistance is lost in the search for information and what are the paths of the network.


Network points are forgotten or unused.


Of the ports used in the connections, they are connected, but not in use.


Outages in the network are due to alterations and human errors due to lack of correct information.


The companies manage the cabling infrastructure is controlled by imprecise spreadsheets.

You are ready to speed up network maintenance operation.

Your network may be protected from viruses, hackers, and external threats, but what about physical threats? CWLan Innsaei helps maintain this security at the physical layer by monitoring unauthorized removals and additions of equipment, unapproved device connections, and other unscheduled occurrences. Extending this security to the physical part of the network and showing exactly where the breach occurred. Speeding up detection and  the operation  physical layer preventive.