What can you improve in the management of your network infrastructure?

CWLan, Cabling management software, values the management process of your network and cable infrastructure. It increases productivity, improves the usage of existing resources, and returns the control about what happens in the network infrastructure maintenance to the company and the managers.

Cabling management software

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“All the network structure  is projected to fit the needs of users for  a minimum of 10 years, but all of it is lost due to the absence of a specialized and independent management platform" – (Luiz Fernando da Rocha)

Frontal view from the rack

Acess screen of controlled sites and statistic frameworks of occupation

View of floor occupation

Management and control os switches ports

Settings and personalization of events


Simple from the outside, smart from the inside.

Using powerful algorithms, CWLan can detect all interventions that happen in all the connection points. It also registers automatically changes, interventions and new entries of network components. Let's give a solution to the problems with the outdated registry, network documentation and cable structure.


Is it a problem to control the availability of your network infrastructure?

Network infrastructures are growing every day, new technology is added and existing components are constantly modified. Using excel sheets as a controlling tool makes the network management a hard work. CWLan keeps all the information updated and available  which facilitates when planning expansions and when introducing new technologies in the network.

Build the future of your network with a modern and dynamic management.

If information is key for a professional network management, why accept network managers to keep the registry and the information of their cable infrastructure in the power of third parties or in manual registers?

CWLan changes this reality and gives back the knowledge of process foryour company. This enables a versatile, modern, and dynamic management.


Be aware of where the work should  be done.

With precise information, your team will be more efficient and precise when developing the activities in maintenance and planning.

With CWLan you able to focus your team efforts in the correct check points sa that they know where iti is and what it needs to be done.

For whom is CWLAN made?

For managers and professionals that want to put the effort and energy in the right place, enabling the knowledge and control of the complete installed infrastructure.


What makes us unique.

intuitive interface

Visual indicators show where to focus and what actions ar needed to locate neteork paths.

Easy to implement

With tried and tested methods and processes, deploying CWLan takes on average 28 days.

Agility, control, and independence.

With knowledge and control os installed infrastructure, speed en troublesshooting and provisioning network resources becomes more agile and cost-effective.


The cabling management transformation strategy consists of 6 steps.


Do you still find it impossible to keep cabling documentation updated?

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